Other Resources

Other Resources

Project RED has learned a great deal from other organizations’ efforts to make technology a successful and cost-effective tool for K-12 schools. Listed here are resources which may be helpful to your district as you work through the implementation process.

Please note: these links take you to sites outside of Project RED. Project RED is not responsible for the content on third party web sites.

Implementation Tools

Policies, Infrastructure, Training Resources from a 1:1 Laptop Initiative

Explore a real-life case study on a one-to-one implementation in Kent, WA. The Kent School District has created a web site dedicated to its laptop initiative, including a robust section on the policies, infrastructure, technical specifications, student and teacher training, family involvement, and more.

Implementation Tools (Financial)

Total Cost of Ownership Case Studies & Tool

View case studies on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from four school districts of varying sizes and settings. Users can also request access to the TCO Tool to determine their own districts’ data.

Total Cost of Ownership Resources

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) shares Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) resources, including tips for performing a TCO assessment, the latest TCO news, and a checklist for efficient IT operations.

Value of Investment Findings & Worksheet

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) provides its Value of Investment (VOI) findings. VOI is a methodology to weigh the costs and benefits of proposed projects to determine if they can be financially justified. A VOI Project Cost Estimator Worksheet is available for download and completion.

Implementation Tools (Principals)

Classroom Observation using Hand-held Devices


Learn how McREL's Power Walkthrough software lets you use hand-held devices (PDA, Tablet PC, Blackberry, iPhone) loaded with McREL software that uses its popular manual, Classroom Instruction that Works, as the basis for classroom observations.

Best Practices in Instruction using iPads for Peer Observation
This collection of slides helps discover best practices in instruction related to McREL’s “Classroom Instruction That Works” model, using iPads for peer observation.

Implementation Tools (Infrastructure)

Infrastructure and Systems Resources from a District 1:1 Initiative

As part of its one-to-one laptop initiative, Kent School District in Washington shares the inner workings of its infrastructure and systems. This helpful resource covers how the district handles networking, wireless, security, and other decisions to keep its robust program running smoothly.

Implementation Tools (Policy)

Sample Acceptable Use Policies


View Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) for a variety of devices, including cell phones, laptops, and more.

Implementation Tools (Parent/Community Education)

Family Involvement Strategies from a 1:1 Laptop Initiative

As part of its one-to-one laptop initiative, Kent School District in Washington shares how “Family Involvement” is an important component of its program.

Internet Safety Resources for Parents

Explore resources and documents that offer advice to parents on internet safety, including discussion guides, videos, and printable parent tip sheets.

Professional Development Tools (Instructional Tools)


One-to-One Institute provides hundreds of categorized resources on their wiki for instruction and administration. Registration is required at www.wikispaces.com to join this community. Registration on both Wikispaces and OTOCommunity is free.

Lesson Plans and Teacher Resources from Discovery Education


Discovery Education offers a variety of lesson plans, teacher resources, and printable worksheets by grade level and subject.

Google Lesson Plan Search Tool

Use the powerful Google Lesson Plan Search tool to browse thousands of submitted lesson plans and resources by grade level and subject.

Professional Development Tools (Classroom Procedures and Management)

Classroom Management and Procedures from a District 1:1 Initiative

Godfrey-Lee School District shares policies, procedures, and classroom management documentation by grade level for its one-to-one initiative.

Professional Development Tools (Tutorials)

Student-friendly Technology Tutorials

View student-friendly technology tutorials for various software applications, ranging from Microsoft Excel to Dreamweaver.

Success Stories

Case Studies of 1:1 Implementations

View case studies from the One-to-One Institute on a variety of K-12 one-to-one implementations, including information such as the phases of implementation, device selection, professional development, and funding sources. The One-to-One Institute offers the opportunity to connect interested district leaders to the featured schools in these case studies for more information.